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This historic Hill Country gem has lived through many eras, surviving the Great Depression, an everchanging customer base, and various historic events. After opening as a dinner restaurant by Mary Howell in 1929, it was acquired by Jerry and Mary Martin, who transformed it into a more upscale restaurant. When the restaurant was sold to Dr. Lou Baeten, he reinvented the Grey Moss once more, this time into a steakhouse that quickly became known for grilling its steaks outside on a large firepit. The torch of the Grey Moss Inn has since been passed yet again, re-emerging anew after the pandemic.

Comida Mexicana

Recetas Autenticas

A salmon dish

Bringing a piece of their heritage to the table, owners Martha Valadez and Marisol Mendoza are dedicated to bringing a fresh new era to the Grey Moss with an all-new Northern Mexican-inspired menu.

Known for its rustic, romantic, and mysterious ambiance, guests can expect to enjoy a flavorful menu while dining in a place steeped in history.

True to their goal of continuing the legacy of the Grey Moss Inn and honoring those before them, subtle tributes can be seen throughout the restaurant to pay homage to the rich history. Feel free to ask about the background of this incredible establishment during your next visit!

El Fantasma de Grey Moss Inn

The spirit of the original owner, Mary Howell, has been suspected of haunting the Grey Moss over the years. Stories have been passed down of guests seeing Mary's apparition wandering the dining room, while others have caught a whiff of her sweet rose-scented perfume. But the intrigue doesn't end there. Past employees have reportedly found the tables mysteriously rearranged and have witnessed the relighting of candles moments after they were blown out, adding an ethereal touch to an already mesmerizing atmosphere.

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